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UP (Unlocking Potential), Driven LLC and The Gullah/Geechee Angel Network presents, "I HEARD CHICAGO CRYING: OUTCRY" by Anastatia Ketchen along with a host of multi-talent actors and musicians, on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Burke High Auditorium, 244 President Street, Charleston, SC at 6 pm. Doors open at 5 pm.  

This year we are taking it to the stage. Our UP (Unlocking Potential) students are working with Published Author, Diversified Artist and UP Director Anastatia Ketchen on the production of I Heard Chicago Crying: Outcry (IHCC) in partnership with D.R.I.V.E.N. LLC and The Gullah Geechee Angel Network. IHCC addresses the issues of Gun Violence and Hate crimes. Working together playwright Anastatia, a powerful cast and the UP students will show how community issues including but not limited to gentrification, poverty and the school to prison pipeline contribute to the rise of Gun Violence and Hate Crimes. Together we are raising awareness and reinstating the value of life.


Paula Walton


 Paula Walton is a Charleston native with deep southern roots. She loves all forms of art and film. Being an actress allows her to expand and explore different cultures and personalities. Her ideal result is to help put Charleston and her fellow local artist on the minds of all Major film Producers! 

Demetria E. Johnson


 Demetria E. Johnson aka Demi; actress and model, Retired Air Force, Motivational Speaker, and Co-Author. 

Chris Johnson


 Chris Johnson: Author, Screenwriter, Poet/Spoken Word Artist, Actor, Director 

Anastatia Ketchen


Anastatia Ketchen. Director and Founder of D.R.I.V.E.N. LLC and UP. Multi-faceted Artist, Playwright, Director, Published Author, Activist. She is set on dismantling systems of oppression, helping heal our community, and helping others reach their maximum potential as they walk in their purpose.

Learn more about D.R.I.V.E.N. LLC at

Olivia Sade


 OliviaSade. An artist who prides herself on being, "someone sent down here to bring awareness of everything that one is going through in this lifetime! "

Kenywan Whosain Grant


Kenywan Whosain Grant. Actor, musician

Reginald Broughton


Diversified Artist, Actor, Musician

Elder Carlie Towne


 Elder Carlie Towne is a producer, play-write, poet, historian, TV host and narrator.  She is  Director of The Gullah/Geecheeangelnetwork also Minister of Information for Gullah/Geechee Nation , She loves  to work with the artist 

Jade Maroon


Jade Maroon is a revolutionary matriarch and critical pedagogue who seeks and stands in solidarity with people liberating ourselves and the planet from oppressive powers, and designing and building our own grassroots institutions, built by, and for the people, to serve the people!

Nina O'bani


Nina O'bani, powerful Dancer, Diversified Artist, Actress, owner Turn Up and Dance

Christine The Queen Washington


Christine Washington, Poet, Published Author, Activist

Rajeeyah Mujahid and RBM School of The Arts


Rajeeyah Mujahid, Community Advocate, Founder and Instructor RBM School of the Arts and D.R.I.V.E.N. LLC's SheRo of the Year 2018. Rajeeyah combats community violence by creating a safe space for individuals to grow mentally, spiritually and confidently. Through passion, hard work, discipline and education individuals are transformed through the art of African drum and dance all while preserving Gullah Geechee and African heritage at RBM School of the Arts.

Special Thanks

The Gullah Geechee Angel Network

AJ Davis

Markelle Evans

Jason Gourdine

MOMS Demand Action

Burke High School

All Cast and Crew